Immortals of Aveum: The Enigmatic Colossals

In the fantastical realm of immortals of Aveum, colossal titans known as Colossals dominate the landscape. These imposing mechanical behemoths, harnessed through powerful magic, serve as formidable assets in the game’s Everwar, making them a pivotal element of the Immortals of Aveum gaming experience. Let’s delve deeper into the intriguing world of the Colossals and uncover the mysteries that surround them.

Immortals of Aveum: Exploring the Enigmatic Colossals

Majestic and Mechanical Marvels

Towering above battlefields and players alike, the Colossals in Immortals of Aveum are nothing short of visual marvels. Crafted by the skilled hands of Aveum’s magic users, these free-moving monoliths possess awe-inspiring offensive capabilities, rendering them invaluable weapons in the Everwar. While they share a connection with the magical forces coursing through Aveum, their mechanical essence distinguishes them from the game’s other arcane artifacts, adding a unique and captivating dimension to Aveum’s fantasy realm.

A Glimpse into Aveum’s Past

Gamers were first treated to the colossal spectacle of these mechanical giants during the pre-launch phase of Immortals of Aveum. A trailer released by Ascendant Studios showcased protagonist Jak engaged in fierce combat atop one of these massive creations during Summer Games Fest 2023. This teaser provided a tantalizing taste of the colossal battles that awaited players in Aveum. However, it’s only as players progress through the game’s narrative that they begin to unearth the profound insights these walking fortresses offer into Aveum’s rich history.

Mysteries Encased in Metal, Glass, and Stone

Ascendant Studios has woven intricate lore around the Colossals, similar to the attention to detail given to other elements of their magic-based FPS. Yet, it’s the sheer magnitude of these mechanical marvels that lingers in players’ minds long after the game’s conclusion. Initially encountered as lifeless giants strewn across Immortals of Aveum’s Yltheum battlefield, the Colossals dominate their surroundings even in a slumbering state. Resembling colossal humanoid figures wielding swords of building-sized proportions, they seem more reminiscent of something from the realm of Robotech than a typical fantasy game.

Up Close and Personal

The true scale of these war machines becomes apparent in the latter half of Immortals of Aveum when players embark on the aptly named “Colossal” mission. Tasked with boarding one of these mechanical leviathans to pursue the game’s antagonist, Sandrakk, players gain unprecedented access to the inner workings of a Colossal. As they navigate its cavernous interior, engaging in heated battles both within and upon the machine, they gradually uncover the secrets of their creation and the reasons behind their stark divergence from the other mystical elements that populate the magical world of Aveum.

Colossals: Echoes of Aveum’s Colorful Past

Described within the game’s lore as “walking construct-vessels of metal, glass, and stone,” the Colossals are the brainchild of Aveum’s formidable Arjimahn civilization. Unlike other inhabitants of Aveum, the Arjimahn not only harnessed magic but also pioneered the creation of advanced ancient technologies, many of which players encounter throughout the game. However, the knowledge of their inventions has faded into the annals of history by the time Immortals of Aveum’s narrative unfolds, leaving the Colossals and other Arjimahn relics as enigmatic remnants in Aveum’s otherwise traditional fantasy landscape.

From Fear to Transportation

Once the scourge of Aveum, the Colossals met their match with the rise of the kingdom of Aristeya, resulting in the destruction of most of these mechanical giants and their creators. Today, the few remaining Colossals still in operation are under the control of the sea-peoples of K’ley. These ancient machines are employed for traversing treacherous deep oceans, where standard sailing vessels dare not venture. Though primarily relegated to serving as a means of transportation, the Colossals retain their ability to pose a formidable threat to any would-be attackers.

A Lasting Impression

Despite their relatively brief appearance in the 15-25 hours it takes to complete Immortals of Aveum, these towering Colossals are bound to etch a lasting impression on players. With their striking appearance and ancient origins, they stand tall as one of the most captivating and intriguing elements in the game’s fantasy world.

Available on Multiple Platforms

For those eager to embark on this enchanting journey, Immortals of Aveum is now available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, promising an unforgettable gaming experience in a world where magic and machinery collide.

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