Leland’s Ultimate Build and Skill Tree in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

In the Leland’s harrowing world of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, survival is a daunting task. Most victims’ best strategy is to flee and pray that the chilling roar of a chainsaw fades into the distance. However, for those willing to fight back, Leland McKinney stands as a beacon of hope.

Leland, endowed with incredible strength honed through years of wrestling, is the powerhouse among the victims. He possesses the unique ability to quickly stun members of the Family, creating opportunities for his comrades to escape and complete their objectives.

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1. Leland’s Strengths and Weaknesses

2. Mastering Leland’s Playstyle

3. The Best Leland Build

Leland’s Strengths and Weaknesses


Unrivaled Strength: Leland’s wrestling background ensures he remains the strongest victim, excelling at physically demanding tasks and stunning Family members for longer durations.

Unique Ability: Life Saver

When activated, Life Saver becomes a game-changer when combined with Leland’s high Strength. Running into a Family member triggers this skill, knocking them back and rendering them stunned. (Note: This ability does not affect Leatherface.)


Leland’s second-highest stat, Endurance, provides an escape route after executing Life Saver or launching stealth attacks. Enhancing Endurance is vital due to Leland’s aggressive playstyle.

Strategic Advantage:

The synergy between Leland’s high Endurance and Strength enables him to confront Family members and escape before they recover from their stunned state.


Stealth:  Leland’s stealth capabilities are abysmal, making him unsuitable for tool hunting or lock picking.

Toughness:  While not his weakest attribute, Leland’s toughness should be considered when using Life Saver or bone shards.

Mastering Leland’s Playstyle

To harness Leland’s potential, focus on the following strategies:

1. Utilize Strength: Leverage Leland’s formidable strength to your advantage. At the beginning of each match, search for bone shards to protect yourself and your fellow victims from the Family.

2. Basement Defense: Watch over fellow victims as they open the basement exit. Stun Leatherface with bone shards to buy precious time for your team.

3. Surface Engagement: Aim to be among the first victims to reach the surface. Use Life Saver to flatten approaching Family members. Deploy bone shards if other victims are trapped in the basement.

4. Coordinate and Distract:  On the surface, coordinate with your team to execute a successful escape plan. As the group’s distraction, stun Family members, employ bone shards to weaken Grandpa’s powers, and engage in close encounters to ensure everyone’s safety.

5. Generator Damage: Leland’s exceptional strength makes damaging generators easier. Keep an eye out for generators if your team aims for Road Exits or Rear Exits.

The Best Leland Build

Leland’s potential to send Family members scrambling necessitates a build focused on maximizing his destructive capabilities. Balancing Endurance and Toughness alongside his Strength is crucial. Consider these potent perks for Leland’s ultimate build:

1. Agitator:

Description:  Attacking Grandpa lowers the Family’s Bond level.

Benefit: Reducing the Bond level impairs the Family’s ability to track survivors using Grandpa’s scream. High Strength also extends the duration of Grandpa’s incapacitation.

2. Choose Fight:

Description: Sneak attacks stun Family members for an extended duration.

Benefit:  This perk complements Leland’s Strength, providing valuable time for victims to complete tasks or escape during chases.

3. Tae Kwon Door:

Description: Slamming doors on Family members extends their stun duration.

Benefit: When combined with Choose Fight, this perk prolongs Family members’ stun, ensuring a safe escape if multiple Family members give chase.

4. Empowered:

Description: Regain health and stamina after surviving a close encounter.

Benefit: This perk compensates for Leland’s lower Endurance, offering consistent value when playing aggressively.

5. Fight And Flight:

Description: Receive a speed boost and reduce stamina consumption after surviving a close encounter.

Benefit: Pair this perk with Empowered to further amplify the advantages of engaging in close encounters. It also provides a reliable escape plan when bone shards and Life Saver are expended.

By mastering Leland’s exceptional strengths and crafting the perfect build, you can turn the tide against the Family and stand as a formidable force in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

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